Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why not revival?

Well, in about two days, I've gone from having one blog to having four. Though my original blog is Lucid Dreamer, I think I'm going to use this blog as a sort of hub for the others. If I update any of my other blogs, I'll post it here. The reason I have so many blogs is because I am a very organized person and I need to keep everything separate from each other in order to keep my sanity...mild O.C.D.? Well, here's a short summary for what each blog is about, incase anyone is interested in checking them out.

Lucid Dreamer was my first blog, and started as an experiment. When I was young, I kept a journal and would write about my day, as well as any dreams I had. During that time, I would experience Lucid Dreams, even though I wasn't really sure what they were at the time. I just thought it was cool I could control my dreams. When I read somewhere online that it was possible for some people to have Lucid Dreams when they kept a dream journal, I wanted to try it out.

Reaper Reviews is going to be a review blog for movies and possibly television series as well (though, in my head, I really want to separate those into two different blogs). I'm going to try to review movies that are unpopular and didn't do well, usually if I liked them. I feel like giving these a second change. Maybe I could shed some light on why they weren't liked by most people. Of course I'm going to be honest and not going to just review every bad movie that I think is awesome with an amazing rating. I always wanted to do something like this, so even if no one reads it, I know I'm going to have fun with it.

Reaper Game Reviews is going to be similar to Reaper Reviews, except about video games. Again, I'm going to try and review games that people aren't really familiar with or that I think really deserve mention. I'm an expert on games, so I would trust me on this.

If a Reaper can bring things to death, why not be able to revive them? Maybe I can give some of these underdogs a second chance. So if you like any of my blogs, please spread them around, I love any and all comments I get.

Also, I'm having some problems with a few things on the blog with the layout, so please forgive me if things seem a little messy for a while, until I fix it all. Also, updating my Lucid Dreamer blog with three dreams from last night if anyone is interested in checking them out. Thank you to anyone who is reading and following, I really appreciate it! Hope to post again for you guys soon!


  1. Nothing wrong with being organised, Following!

  2. I prefer having everything on one blog regardless of content. I'm less organized I suppose.