Sunday, February 19, 2012


I decided to remove my other post, because there is no sense being negative. School has been a little rough this semester, mostly because of one TA that I had last semester making the tests for my Biopsychology class. He makes questions, which have multiple correct answers, but he wants the "most correct" choice. Makes me mad, because this makes the tests ridiculously hard. I like the actual class a lot though. 

Another class that really sucks is my Ancient Japanese Civilization class. I know I talked a little bit about these in a previous post, but now that the semester has gone on a little bit, I see things more clearly. This class sucks. It's not the subject, but it's the teacher. She makes you feel stupid for not knowing something that she hasn't taught you yet. That is the worst way of teaching. Ah well, just means more work for me!

Here's a picture of her: 

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  1. Hey! That describes like, half of my profs. :|