Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Break!

Well...Spring Break is over for me, but it was a much needed rest from school. I haven't been posting too much, but going to try and turn that around again. Going to be posting some crazy dreams that I had last night over in Lucid Dreamer. Scheduling for next semester starts for me in two days...I still need to change my degree from B.A. to B.S. which I've been putting off. I also have my second midterm in my Ancient Japanese Civilization class (again, this is the only semester I have ever experienced multiple midterms) which I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail, but I'm going to try my best. My favorite quote from this unit is my teacher, while describing the difference between some of the writing "Even my children can understand the difference between these two characters". Yeah...that's because they speak and read Japanese. This class is about the history, and I get that language is important, but I feel like it's a little unfair to expect us to be able to tell the difference between ancient Japanese characters. "Don't you see that it looks like a little man in a house?" No. No I don't. I've accepted my fate though, and just going to do my best. If I fail, I fail. I'll just take another class to replace that one.

My spring break wasn't very eventful, I just spent it relaxing. The week before, we had this awesome thing on campus called Humans vs Zombies, where we run around with nerf guns and bandannas and play a week long game of tag. You get tagged, you get turned. Or you survive with the nerf guns, using them to stun the zombies. On the last day, there's this thing called Final Stand, where all the zombies and all the humans have one last battle. It was awesome, being about 400 zombies rushing at the 200 humans. We ate them good. There was even a story with the mods playing special characters. There were the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, each side having two, and they had cool masks. It was pretty awesome, yet terrifying, seeing War, covered in blood with two swords in his hands coming out of a dark forest all by himself to attack us. Running from him in the dark was exhilarating.

After that, I had a convention that they hold at my school, which I have been going to since high school. So I was pretty tired out by the time Spring Break came around. But I still did a lot with my friends and girlfriend. Well, I'm going to post in Lucid Dreamer before going back to study for this test. Thanks for the support in the previous comments, and sorry for complaining at all. I hate to complain about personal problems, it's something I really don't like to do. I guess sometimes it's just needed.

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