Monday, March 5, 2012


Well...I guess my dream told the future. Posted a dream a few days ago about getting my Ancient Japanese Civilization test back and failing it miserably. I thought I had done well enough on it to get a C...even a D. Nope. Failed it horribly. I think I'm going to flunk out of college. I'm trying...I really am. But I guess it's just not good enough.

To be fair though, her questions were idiotic, and she took off points on the essay questions for stupid things. For example, one multiple choice asked about what the Chinese called Japan in the 3rd century or something. There was one choice, that was the Chinese word for Japan, which she had brought up on multiple occasions. The rest of the choices were names of different periods. I picked the only choice that made sense. It was wrong. Looking over the test, I pretty much feel like this:

Well...I guess we shall see how the rest of the semester goes. My poor poor used to be so beautiful.'s like you got hit by a MAC truck.


  1. I know how you feel. My third year kicked me in the ass so hard...

  2. Just get through and get the degree you want. It doesn't matter that much whether you all A's or just squeak by. What matters much more are your networking skills and your presentation in interviews.

  3. Haha, thanks guys...feeling a bit better about it after spring break. If I fail this class, whatever. She's a horrible professor, I'll just take a different class to fulfill that requirement.